Chamber (Selected)

Brahms: Piano quintet in F mionr

Flex Mendelssohn: Piano trio in D minor

Messiaen: Quartet for the End of the Time

Ibert: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (Piano)

Carl Nielsen: Concerto for Flute & Clarinet

Francis Poulenc: Sonata for Flute and piano

Prokofiev: D Major Sonata for Flute and Piano

Jindřich Feld: Sonata for Flute and Piano

Martinu: Sonata for Flute and Piano

Lowell Liebermann : Sonata for Flute and Piano, Op.23

Dutilleux : Sonatina for Flute and Piano

Carl Reinecke Undine: Sonata op.167 for Flute and Piano

Carl Reinecke: Flute concerto, op.283

Aaron Copland Duo for Flute and Piano

Richard Strauss: Sonata for Violin and Piano

Sibelius: Violin Concerto

Tchaikovsky: Violin Concerto

Frank: Violin Sonata

Ravel Tzigane: Rhapsodie de Concert, for Violin and Piano.

Ravel: Sonata for Violin and Piano

Brahms Violin Sonata in G major, A Major and D Minor

Mozart Violin sonata: K.378, K 301, K 304, K 305, K 373,

                   K 378, K379,K 380, K 454, K 526, K 547, K570

Mozart Violin Concerto No.3, 4.

Grieg:  Violin Sonata No.3

Mendelssohn : Violin Concerto in E Minor

Yan Shen

Solo (Selected)

Beethoven: Piano Concerto No.5

Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2

Grieg: Piano Concerto 

Schumann: Piano Concerto

Roger Sessions: Piano Sonata No.3

Chopin: Piano Sonata in B-flat Minor, No.2, Op.35

Chopin: Etudes: Op. 10; Op. 25

Chopin: Preludes 

Chopin: Ballade No. 1 & 3& 4,   Schezo 2 & 4

Rachmaninoff: Piano Sonata in B-flat Minor, No.2.

Rachmaninoff:  Etudes

Rachmaninoff:  Preludes

Balakirev: Islamey “Oriental Fantasy”

Franz Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody, No.10.

Beethoven: Piano Sonata: No.8; No.13; No.14;  No.15; No.21; No.23  32 Variations in C Minor, WoO 80

Mozart Piano Sonata: K 309, 310, 311, 330, 331, 332.

Prokofiev: Piano Sonata No.4

Brahms: Two Rhapsodies, Op.79

Ravel: Le Tombeau de Couperin